HK/China wrap data disappoints and concerns remain over tightening and Int relations

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HSI -202pts (-0.7%) 28,437 HSCEI -106pts (-1%) 10,563 T/O HK$138.35bn (-3.7% DoD actually down more if you exclude today’s IPO it was -7.8%)

Markets opened slightly higher but eased to trade around flat. UK inflation data pre market was higher than expected. Resources weak on news of China releasing national reserves.
Colruyt Group weak after it missed fiscal full-year earnings and issued a profit warning.
Labour Cost Index Q1 +1.5% YoY vs +2.8% Q4 revised (F/cast was +3.8%)
Wage Growth Q1 +2.2% YoY vs +3.5% Q4 (F/cast was +4.6%)
Inflation Rate May +2.1% YoY vs +1.5% Apr (F/cast was +1.8%)
Inflation Rate May +0.6% MoM vs +0.6% Apr (F/cast was +0.3%)
Core Inflation Rate May +2% YoY vs +1.3% Apr (F/cast was +1.4%)
Core Inflation Rate May +0.8% MoM vs +0.3% Apr (F/cast was +0.2%)
PPI Core Output May +2.7% YoY vs +2.5% Apr (F/cast was +2.6%)
PPI Core Output May +0.4% MoM vs +0.5% Apr (F/cast was +0.3%)
PPI Output May +4.6% YoY vs +4% Apr revised (F/cast was +4.4%)
PPI Output May +0.5% MoM vs +0.4% Apr (F/cast was +0.3%)
PPI Input May +10.7% YoY vs +10% Apr revised (consensus was +10.6%)
PPI Input May +1.1% MoM vs +1.2% Apr (consensus +1.1% )
Retail Price Index May +3.3% YoY vs +2.9% Apr (F/cast was +3.5%) 
Retail Price Index May +0.3% MoM vs +1.4% Apr (F/cast was +0.4%) 
US Futures 
Opened Dow +17pts, S&P +0.06% and NDX +0.12% but have eased back to Dow -36pts and S&P flat and NDX +0.1%.
Focus on FOMC press conference. Other data due MBA Mortgage Applications and 30 yr Mortgage Rate, Import Prices, Export Prices, Housing Starts, Building Permits, EIA Oil Report. Also watch for impact from Biden/Putin summit.

 CSI 300 closed -86pts (-1.7%) @ 5,081
CSI 300 opened slightly lower, sentiment weak with concerns over PBOC removing liquidity, defaults and international relations. Adding to the concern was the fact that the economic data was being released after market for the first time when its usually released either pre market or early in the session. Market initially traded sideways for the first hour but unable to break above Tuesday’s closing level. Then sold down to 5,100 at lunchtime. PM opened flat small bounce but then saw further weakness to 5,080 after announcing it would release copper, aluminum and zinc reserves to try and contain rising prices. Bounced but then sold down to support around 5,080 before a bounce back to 5,095 eased back tried to rally again but again without success and sold down to test the lows (5,075) before a small rally into the close.
The trading reaction suggests investors still view exports as the main the driver for recovery. Sentiment weak with concerns over PBOC removing liquidity, defaults and international relations. As well as uncertainty about the economic data being released after market for the first time when its usually released either pre market or early in the session.
Laggards were Resources, Salt lake lithium extraction, Autos, and Battery makers
Leaders were Financial, Energy companies, Mining services, Harmony OS concept, and Third-generation semiconductors
A weaker yuan also hurt A-share's sentiment; the yuan eased to its weakest against the dollar in more than a week yesterday and settled at 6.4078 today. Foreign traders sold net $63m Chinese Shares via Stock Connect today.

Shanghai Composite -38pts (-0.9%) @ 3,518
Shenzhen Composite -377pts (-2.6%) @ 14,296
ChiNext Composite Index -99pts (-3%) @ 3,222

After market
NBS Press Conference
Fixed Asset Investment (YTD) May 15.4% YoY vs +19.9% Apr (F/cast was 16.8%)
Industrial Production May +8.8% YoY vs +9.8% Apr (F/cast was +8.5%)
Retail Sales May +12.4% YoY vs +17.7% Apr (F/cast was +14.5%)
Unemployment Rate May 5.0% vs 5.1% Apr (F/cast was +5%)

HSI Pre market opened @ 28,609 -29pts vs -27pts ADR’s 
Then saw initial margin call selling to 28,535 before rebounding to flat but unable to break above. Dropped back to traded around 28,580 before selling down to 28,530 before a small bounce into lunch. PM open flat but sold down to find support around 28,500 on news of China releasing reserves to try and control inflation. Trended lower from about 2:30pm with selling accelerating after the China Retail Sales and other data. Saw a slight bounce but then trended lower before finding support around the 28,400 level with a slight rally into the close.
Sentiment weak on concerns if increased pressure on China from US, EU, G7 and Nato.

debut today. Shares closed up 113.1% in gray market, and closed at HK$401 vs IPO price HK$173, had traded up as much as $490 intraday. Volume of 14.86 million shares. The total amount involved was calculated to be $5.878 billion. Excluding the transaction fee, earning per lot was calculated to be $45,600.

The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) reported 1 new covid cases 
imported (vs 2 Tuesday)

Short Selling day 17.4% vs 14.3% Tuesday 
Top Shorts 
Hengan (1044) 41%, Country Garden (2007) 40%, Hang Seng Bank (11) 40%, Mengniu Dairy (2319) 34%, MTRC (66) 33%, Bank of China (3988) 32%, Baba (9988) 30%, Sunny Optical ( 2382) 29%, Sino Biopharm (1177) 29%, BankComm (3328) 28%, Geely (175) 28%, Ping An (2318) 28%, Henderson Land (12) 27%, Ali Health (241) 26%, CLP(2) 26%, Shenzhou Int (2313) 25%, Wharf REIC (1997) 25%, Xinyi Solar (968) 25%,


The total market cap of Hong Kong bourse whopped $53 trillion at the end of May, compared to only a-tenth scale in 2000 when HKEX (00388.HK) was listed,
the CEO Nicolas Aguzin revealed. At present, almost one-third of market cap is stemmed from new economy stocks. Looking ahead, HKEX will go ahead in three directions, including keep attracting listing of new economy stocks and biotech companies, Aguzin furthered. In terms of fundraising amount, Hong Kong has become the world's second largest listing location for biotech companies.

BYD COMPANY (01211.HK) (002594.SZ) announced that the shareholders' meeting approved the spin-off of its subsidiary BYD Semiconductor Co., Ltd. to go public on the GEM

The Pure Group opened a new flagship in Tsim Sha Tsui measuring over 30,000 sq.ft., being the biggest Pure Fitness branch in Asia.
The group's Co-founder and CEO Colin Grant told reporters that folks have been devoting more attention to health amid the pandemic, citing a very resilient business given pent-up demand following gym reopening.

SA SA INT'L (00178.HK) believes the electronic consumption voucher scheme will reinvigorate the retail industry to a certain extent and the company will actively collaborate with different parties to launch voucher discounts,
said Simon Kwok, chairman and CEO of the company. Kwok added that the retail business in China remains the focal point of the group's business development. Should there be any potentially promising locations, the group does not exclude the possibility of opening more than 30 stores in China within this financial year, said Kwok.

The PBOC announced that the foreign exchange amount of the central bank accounted for RMB21.19 trillion at end-May,
up RMB21.273 billion monthly.

Centa-Salesman Index (CSI) last posted at 74.59, up 0.62 pts from last week's 73.97.
CSI is poised to break through its previous struggle at the level of 70, as the index rose for four consecutive weeks, accumulating a total gain of 3.38 pts, said the research department of Centaline Property.
They added that whether the upward trend of the property price will change remains to be seen. If the CSI successfully surpasses 75, it could be a signal that the rise of the property price would escalate.


CNOOC (883 HK -0.2%) CH OILFIELD (2883 HK +0.6%) despite oil rising to above $72 a barrel overnight. Demand improving but more importantly investors are also considering the reduced long term reserves. Copper, zinc and Aluminium fell on news China was releasing state stockpiles to curb rising prices; would indicate a fear of inflation. Most other base and precious metals also declined, including gold. ANGAN (347 HK -4.5%) JIANGXI COPPER (358 HK -5.1%) CHALCO (2600 HK -7.6%) ZIJIN (2899 HK -9%).
*E-COMMERCE/INTERNET WEAK on more regulatory worries; TENCENT (700 HK -0.6%) KUAISHOU (1024 HK -2%) MEITUAN (3690 HK -4.5%) after the Ministry of Industry and Information called in major e-commerce platforms for a meeting Friday and warned them to abide by rules when promoting sales via SMS text messages. The regulator has found some online sales platforms sending advertising messages without customers’ consent since late May. Participants in the meeting include ALIBABA (9988 HK -1.4%), JD.COM (9618 HK -0.8%) and Pinduoduo as well as telecom, SMS service operators.
*AUTO MAKERS WEAK after recent rally; especially after China's factory output slowed for a third straight month in May and retail sales also came in below expectation. GREAT WALL (2333 HK -9%) BYD (1211 HK -8%) GEELY (175 HK -4%) GAC (2238 HK -6%).
*CHINA PROPERTY WEAK following news that that Liaoning Province local government held discussions with CH EVERGRANDE (3333 HK -2.2%) to inject state capital into Shengjing Bank to dilute Evergrande's stake. Evergrande is the biggest shareholder of the bank headquartered in Liaoning, which held a 36.4% stake. The reported talks underscore regulatory concern about connections between the country's most indebted developer and its banking affiliate. AGILE (3383 HK -1.9%) TIMES CHN (1233 HK -3.6%) CH JINMAO (817 HK -2.1%).
*PHARMA WEAK as JUNSHI BIO (1877 HK -5.1%) offers H-shs placement to rise about $280m, offering shares at 5.8% to yesterday's close of HK$74.50. The recent news that U.S. Novavax Inc's shots
showed they were 90% effective at preventing Covid-19 symptoms continue to weight on the sector. SINO BIO (1177 HK -3.3%) CANSINO (6185 HK -3%) GENSCRIPT BIO (1548 HK -3.8%) FOSUN (2196 HK -8.3%).
*EDUCATION PROVIDERS WEAK across the board on regulator concerns. News reported that the Ministry of Education set up a department focusing on supervision of after-school education and tutoring. The move has “significant meaning” for deepening after-school education reforms, the ministry says, without giving details about the new department. CH NEW HIGHER EDU (2001 HK -2%) CH MAPLE LEAF (1317 HK -1.6%) WISDOM (6068 HK -3.8%) VIRSCEND (1565 HK -10%).
CH LONGYUAN PWR (916 HK -4.1%) as HKEX data shows Blackrock has cut its stake in the company by around 25m shs between June 8-10.
CH GAS (384 HK +1%) and ENN ENERGY (2688 HK +3.5%) rebound after stocks were hammered on concerns about possible links to the deadly gas explosion incident in Hubei on Sunday June 13.

Regional Markets
Market opened higher and worked higher to 7,406 a new high as oil prices continued to rally but resources sold down around midday on news that China was releasing copper, aluminium and zine reserves to try and control price rises. Then saw a choppy bounce to close +7pts (+0.1%) @ 7,386
Leaders Banks, oil stocks, and healthcare 
Laggards Miners and information technology
Lending Index May -0.06% vs +0.19% Apr revised from +0.2% (F/cast was +0.3%)
Nikkei opened lower (29,306) after mixed pre market data but rallied to 29,434 in the first 40 minutes but then traded down into lunch. PM opened lower and initially traded sideways but then dipped lower. Closed -150pts (-0.5%) @ 29,291 
Topix Similar trading patten but has remained in green. Opened 1,972, rallied to 1,983 and closed +0.4pts falt @ 1,976
Balance of Trade May ¥-187.1B vs ¥255.3B Apr (F/cast was ¥-78B)
Exports May +49.6% YoYvs +38% Apr (Consensus was 51.3%)
Imports May +27.9% vs +12.8% Apr (Consensus was 26.6%)
Machinery Orders Apr +6.5% YoY vs -2% Mar (F/cast was +7.6%)
Machinery Orders Apr +0.6% MoM vs +3.7% Mar (F/cast was +2.5%) 
S Korea
KDCA reported 545 new covid cases (+71 DoD) -VE
Kospi opened slightly higher and worked higher but saw resistance at 3,280 which it has tested a number of times. Currently +20pts (+0.6%) @ 3,279
Kosdaq dipped on the open to 995 but then rallied to 1,000 before reversing to 997 around 11am and then working better and again saw resistance at 1,000 and eased back to close +1pts (+0.1%) @ 999 
Taiex opened opened lower (17,357) and then traded around flat for most of the session but sold down to17,275 around 12:35 but then rebounded; to close -63pts (-0.4%)@ 17,308

Northbound Rmb 49,828m Sell 25,014m vs 24,815m Buy 
Southbound HK$ 14,566m  Sell 7,992m vs 6,574m Buy
Northbound Rmb 57,163m Sell 28,684m vs 28,478m Buy 
Southbound HK$ 17,303m  Sell 9,261m vs 8,042m Buy

Active Heavyweights
MEITUAN (03690.HK) -4.5%
BABA (09988.HK) -1.5%
AIA (01299.HK) +1.2%
CCB (00939.HK) +1%
TENCENT (00700.HK) -0.6%
PING AN (02318.HK) -0.6%
HKEX (00388.HK) -0.2%

HSI & HSCEI Constituents on Move:
BYD COMPANY (01211.HK) -8.2%
XINYI SOLAR (00968.HK) -6.7%
CSPC PHARMA (01093.HK) -5.5%
BUD APAC (01876.HK) -4.6%
GEELY AUTO (00175.HK) -4.1%
CHINA FEIHE (06186.HK) -3.9%
ENN ENERGY (02688.HK) +3.5%
WUXI BIO (02269.HK) -3.4%
HANSOH PHARMA (03692.HK) -3.3%
SINO BIOPHARM (01177.HK) -3.3%

HSMI & HSSI Constituents on Move:
GUORUI PPT (02329.HK) +22.7%
SIHUAN PHARM (00460.HK) -12.1%
VPOWER GROUP (01608.HK) +10.1%
C-MER EYE (03309.HK) +2.5%, hitting new high
SOHO CHINA (00410.HK) closed at $3.8, unchanged, hitting new high


National Bureau of Statistics suggested that China is currently facing the problems of aging population and low birth rate. The implementation of the three-child policy could, in the long run, resolve the problem of low birth rate, while improving the age structure and fostering long-term balanced development of the country's population.

BYD COMPANY (01211.HK) announced that the company has delivered the first fully electric bus to the Hungarian transportation operator Volanbusz on 15 June, which will commence its service across the Danube, between Hungary and Slovakia. The delivered two-door 12-meters electric bus is BYD COMPANY's prime model in the European market, manufactured in the company's factory in Hungary. The bus can travel as much as 300km per charge with a carrying capacity up to 80 people.

Midland Expects HK Property Price to Peak Next Mth Earliest, May Reach 15% Full-Yr Hike. Along with the eased local epidemic and the gradual economic recovery, Hong Kong's property price has climbed approximately 5.85% in the first half of the year, reported Midland. Supported by the active sales in both first- and second-hand housing market, Midland expects Hong Kong property price to peak in the next month at the earliest with the possibility of achieving a 15% full-year hike.

National Nuclear Safety Administration (NNSA) expressed both EPR units in the Taishan nuclear plant have entered into their second fuel cycle and have been operating safely ever since the commencement of the plant. Also, NNSA stated that, according to monitoring results, the radiation level of the surroundings of the Taishan nuclear plant is normal with no signs of leakage.

Close to half of Singapore's residents have already received the first dose of vaccine and the government expects to ease up pandemic restrictions by Monday at the earliest, including resuming dine-in service and gym room operation, according to the Ministry of Health.
The government's statistics showed that, as of 14 June, over 47% of the Singaporean population have received their first dose of vaccine while approximately 35% have taken both shots.

Over 1.1 billion pieces of user information were stolen from BABA-SW (09988.HK)'s Taobao. In response, a Taobao spokesperson said the shopping website regarded data privacy and security as a top priority, having poured massive resources into cracking down on unauthorized web-crawling. Indeed, it was the company that proactively identified and handled this incident. No user information was sold to third parties, hence incurring no monetary loss among users.

The U.K. High Court has ruled recently in XIAOMI-W (01810.HK)'s favor, finding that the company did not infringe the Sisvel patent wireless communication technology (EP1925142B1). Until now, Sisvel has launched several legal actions against XIAOMI-W and OPPO around the globe but to no avail.

Hong Kong put a brake on the proposed quarantine exemption for visiting financial executives who had been fully vaccinated, Bloomberg reported. Bank executives applying for trips in June were advised to make a postponement, insiders said. The government is ironing out relevant arrangements including applicants' itinerary details.

Since trading in the shares of CHINA HUARONG (02799.HK) has been suspended for 50 trading days, which does not comply with the requirement of investable market index constituents of MSCI, the stock may be deleted from a range of MSCI indexes, including MSCI Emerging Markets Index and MSCI China Index, Bloomberg reported.

Wanda Group intends to spin off its commercial property management unit, Wanda Light Asset, for listing in Hong Kong to raise around $3 billion, Bloomberg citing people familiar with the matter. The company is working with CITIC Securities, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, etc. and expecting the IPO to take place as soon as this year.

In the absence of globally unified green finance standards, Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) CEO Ashley Alder, at an online forum, envisioned the rollout of green finance standards under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in mid-2022.
Despite difficulty in promoting environmental protection globally, a city as small as Hong Kong does carry a lot of weight in terms of financial market cap, opined Alder.

Apollo, Autopilot platform under BIDU-SW (09888.HK), announced that the company will be releasing a new line of mass production models tomorrow, on which they collaborated with BAIC MOTOR (01958.HK)'s new energy automobile brand ARCFOX. The new model is expected to feature autopilot function.

SA SA INT'L (00178.HK) announced annual result for the year ended 31 March 2021. The loss narrowed to HK$351 million from HK$516 million in the corresponding period of previous year. LPS was HK11.6 cents. No dividend was declared.
It announced that for the first quarter from 1 April to 9 June 2021, the Group’s retail and wholesale turnover increased by 55.1% compared to the same period of last year. Retail sales and same store sales burgeoned 53.5% yearly and 56.3% annually in Hong Kong & Macau SARs.

PUBG's developer Krafton plans to list in South Korea to raise as much as KRW5.6 trillion (equivalent to US$5 billion), likely being the country's biggest-ever IPO, Bloomberg reported. Krafton will issue over 10 million shares at KRW458,000-557,000 apiece, implying a maximum valuation of KRW28 trillion. The gaming firm plans to fix its offer price on July 9 and go public on July 22.

According to the strategy confirmed during the State Council executive meeting, the National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration (NFSRA) will commence supplying national reserves of copper, aluminum and zinc, etc. in near-term.
Related supply will be offered through open bidding, focusing specifically on non-ferrous metal processing and manufacturing businesses.

A software developer stole data of BABA-SW (09988.HK)'s Taobao for eight months, and dug over 1.1 billion pieces of user information before the company had taken notice of the issue, Wall Street Journal quoted the verdict of Henan Provincial Court. The verdict indicated that the software developer used self-designed software on Taobao to collect information, such as user ID, mobile phone number and comments, since November 2019. While BABA-SW informed the police of the data theft, and its spokesman claimed they spot the case themselves and the situation was taken care, they did not reveal the scale of affected users and whether the information was sold to third party.

Blackstone Group is close to reaching an agreement on its purchase of SOHO CHINA (00410.HK) and relevant details are expected to be announced this week at the earliest, Bloomberg cited people with the knowledge of the matter. SOHO CHINA's value in the deal is estimated to be approximately USD3 billion. The stock has suspended trading from yesterday (15th).

Shanghai Zhongduomei Network Technology Co., Ltd. an affiliate of, underwent business change on 15 June according to Tianyancha. The company introduced Xiaomi Inc. and Beijing Kuaishou Technology Co., Ltd. as new shareholders, with registered capital rising from around RMB2.263 million to around RMB2.598 million.

Overnight HIBOR last posted at 0.04696%, up for 5 days, logging a 1-month high, according to HKAB. Meanwhile, the 1-Month HIBOR related to mortgage rate last stood at 0.09161%.

The total shipment volume of China's mobile phone market in May amounted to 22.968 million units, down 32% year-over-year, while that of 5G mobile phones rose 7% year-over-year to 16.739 million units, according to the latest statistics from CAICT. The total shipment volume of China's mobile phone market in the first 5 months in 2021 accumulated to 148 million units, up 19.3% year-over-year with that of 5G mobile phones achieving a 134.4% year-over-year growth to 108 million units.
The shipment dropped due to the tightened supply of phone chips and the inability of other makers to fill the gap of Huawei as the latter's shipment plunged.

KUAISHOU-W (01024.HK) intends to expand the budget for its overseas business to USD1 billion this year, in order to compete with TikTok, reported LatePost. KUAISHOU-W intends to further develop the Latin America and Southeast Asia markets, as it is marketing mainly in Brazil and Indonesia at the moment. The company has spent at least USD250 million on marketing campaign in the first quarter.

The United States and the European Union vowed to work on addressing the Covid pandemic and climate change, as well as a raft of global issues concerning Russia, China and Iran, according to their joint statement at a US-EU summit.

GREATWALL MOTOR (02333.HK) announced that Deputy General Manager Hu Shujie, Deputy General Manager Zhao Guoqing, and Board Secretary Xu Hui, due to personal capital needs, planned to adopt a centralized bidding transaction within 6 months after 15 trading days, and reduced their stakes within the scope of not exceeding 25% of the company’s shares as held by them. Among them, Hu Shujie proposed to cut his holdings by no more than 500,000 shares; Zhao Guoqing proposed to reduce his holdings by no more than 345,000 shares; Xu Hui also intended to axe his holdings by no more than 107,500 shares.

TENCENT (00700.HK) 's Tencent Cloud announced the strategic cooperation agreement with SHANXI SECURITIES (002500.SZ) +0.05 (+0.747%) , whereby both parties will jointly explore the innovative application of fintech in securities financial scenario, in a bid to expedite the digitalization of SHANXI SECURITIES.
Tencent Cloud has so far serviced more than 150 banks, dozens of brokerages, insurers and more than 90% of licensed consumer gold companies and many pan-financial companies, said Guo Rensheng, vice president of Tencent Cloud. Tencent Cloud has also built financial cloud platforms with BANK OF CHINA (03988.HK), CCB (00939.HK), PICC GROUP (01339.HK), China UnionPay, and more.

The lucky draw jointly sponsored by Ng Teng Fong Charitable Foundation (‘NTFCF’), the philanthropic arm of Sino Group, and CHINESE EST H (00127.HK), opened its registration yesterday (15th) and over 455,000 people have signed up as for 9pm yesterday, Sino Group reported. The grand prize for lucky draw is a one-bedroom flat of Grand Central in Kwun Tong, with an approximate market value of approximately $10.8 million.

Daniel Kritenbrink, nominated to be the Assistant U.S. Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, said Washington should forge ties with Taiwan in all fields and fulfil its rock-solid obligations towards the latter.

As YUEXIU SERVICES (06626.HK) starts its IPO today, Lin Feng, Chairman of the company, expressed that the company's goal is to lift revenue percentage of business property management from approximately 31% at the moment to 40% in the coming 3-5 years. Lin stated that the business property management of the company at the moment amounts to approximately 2.8 million square meters, while its parent company YUEXIU PROPERTY (00123.HK)(02934.HK) is developing a business area of over 3.5 million square meters.

CKH HOLDINGS (00001.HK) announced that it repurchased 478,500 shares yesterday (15 June) at $59.25-59.4, involving approximately $28.4049 million. Year to date, the company bought back 1.51 million shares, representing 0.0392% of the share capital of the company.

Hong Kong Airlines' Hong Kong Aviation Ground Services Limited (HAGSL) will cease operation from July and dismiss roughly 240 staff members, local media reported. The decision was mainly driven by the persistent epidemic and its grave impact on the tourism industry, according to Hong Kong Airlines.

MEITUAN-W (03690.HK) launches six new measures to aid Guangzhou's combat with the pandemic as the company utilizes digital capability to enhance the quality of supply, delivery and business support. Measures include increasing resources for supermarkets and convenient stores under the company and maintaining the 24/7 working hours for supermarkets, convenient stores and grocery stores under Meituan Shangou. Also, the company intends to invest over RMB1 million in Guangzhou additionally as delivery subsidy for the delivery riders working in the affected area; and another RMB50 million for businesses as delivery-service subsidy.


HK JEBN Dried Seafood Shop, responding to recent reports saying that its packaged frozen crocodile spare ribs being contaminated by the COVID-19 virus,
expressed that the items from the same batch has been recalled and the specific product is already discontinued.
As for the 77 production line employees handling frozen goods, 76 of them are already vaccinated.

BABA-SW (09988.HK) Founder Jack Ma, currently in low profile, is doing great and devoted in his hobbies and charity business, said Vice Chairman Cai Chongxin during an interview with foreign media. Cai furthered things that happened on Ma should be treated separately from BABA-SW's operation, whilst the company's financial business is under restructuring.

The EU has banned ten banks including JPMorgan Chase & Co, Citigroup, Bank of America Corp and Barclays from underwriting the EUR800-billion bond under the NextGenerationEU program
over alleged violation of antitrust rules, reported Financial Times.

TikTok and WeChat under TENCENT (00700.HK) are currently under a full-rounded review, said Gina Raimondo, U.S. Secretary of Commerce, during a Bloomberg interview.
Raimondo did not provide a complete schedule of the investigation but stressed that such measures were taken to safeguard the U.S.'s national security and economic interests.

Foreign holding of U.S. government debt in April rose to USD7.07 trillion as investors bought back the debt as the yields began to decline from their highs,
announced the U.S. Treasury Department.
Japan, which remains the largest foreign holder of U.S. government debt, boosted its holdings to USD1.276 trillion in April.
China's holdings, on the other hand, slipped from USD1.1 trillion in March to USD1.096 trillion, as the country has already been reducing its U.S. treasury holdings for two months in a row.

China recorded 21 additional COVID-19 cases yesterday (15th), all being imported infections,
according to the National Health Commission of the PRC.

The Macau Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre announced that, last night, one Macau citizen tested weak positive to COVID-19 virus.
Said citizen entered Macau on 13 June and has been positive in Hong Kong. The center expressed that the case is not listed as a confirmed case yet as further testing is warranted to confirm if the person has contracted the virus again.

JUNSHI BIO (01877.HK) announced the proposed placing of 36.5492 million H Shares, representing 16.67% of all issued H Shares and 4.01% of all issued Shares of the Company as enlarged. The Placing Price of HK$70.18 per Share represented a discount of 5.8% to yesterday's closing price. The net proceeds from the Placing are expected to be HK$2.528 billion.

China's Nation Healthcare Security Administration (NHSA) published the Healthcare Security Law (Consultation Paper), suggesting pharmas partaking in the tender should stick to the principles of fairness, legitimacy and integrity. Equally, drugs under bidding must not be priced below their costs.

CHINA GAS HOLD (00384.HK) announced that on 13 June 2021, a gas explosion incident occurred in an area in Shiyan City, Hubei Province. The cause of the Incident is currently uncertain and is under investigation.
Shiyan Dongfeng Zhongran City Gas Development, a non-wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, is one of the gas suppliers for the area. The Group attaches significance to the Incident and has promptly established an emergency response leading group to guide the regional management centre and the Project Company to closely cooperate with the relevant government departments to, among others, take on-site emergency measures and investigate the cause of the Incident. An application has been made for the resumption of trading in the shares of the Company with effect from today.

China's national electricity consumption burgeoned 12.5% yearly to 672.4 billion kWh in May, according to latest data from National Energy Administration (NEA). The figure showed a 18.7% growth from that in the same period of 2019.

Guangdong's National Health Commission reported zero local COVID-19 cases
and 14 imported infections yesterday (15 June).

SAMR's Shanghai branch has planned to launch a special online monitoring on "618" seasonal promotions, involving domestic mainstream e-commerce platforms like Pinduoduo (PDD.US), BABA-SW (09988.HK)'s Tmall, and JD-SW (09618.HK).
The authority will keep an eye on goods related to public health and safety made by electrical appliance, supplement, cosmetics, apparel and footwear, as well as other key sectors.

Annoying promotional SMS have been increasing rampant as the 618 mid-year sales campaign is drawing near. Attaching great importance to the issue, China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) convened an administrative guidance meeting to warn e-commerce platform firms to regulate their promotional SMS texting behavior with stronger self-discipline.
Participants of the meeting included key e-commerce platforms like BABA-SW (09988.HK), JD-SW (09618.HK) and Pinduoduo (PDD.US), basic telecom operators as well as SMS service providers.

CHINA EAST AIR (00670.HK) announced the operating data for May 2021. Number of passengers carried reached 9.3351 million, up 123.8% yearly. Weight of freight carried increased by 61.2% year-on-year.

AIR CHINA (00753.HK) announced the key operating data of May 2021. Number of Passengers carried reached 8.3236 million, up 108.4% YoY and down 1% MoM.

Total Cargo and Mail carried reached 108,600 tonnes, up 29.9% YoY and down 2.3% MoM.
LUOYANG GLASS (01108.HK) announced that the Company’s application for the Non-public Issuance of A Shares has been approved by the CSRC.
So far, the Company has not yet received the written approval from the CSRC.